How to buy a washing machine in India

How to choose a good washing machine in India

There are so many good brands of washing machines being made in India, that it has become difficult to select a good washing machine to buy for a home in India. Apart from the brand of washing machine, you have to also decide on what type of washing machine to buy in India. We will help you to choose the best washing machine for your needs by explaining about the most important features of a Washing Machine to look for when buying a washing machine in India.

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How to reduce home electricity bill

How electricity bill is calculated, What makes electricity bill high

Electricity bills are calculated from the reading taken monthly on your electric meter. The best way to understand what electricity is, is to think of electricity as water under pressure which can turn your fan and make the lights come on. So the electricity meter is like a water meter measuring how much quantity has been consumed. Like the measure of water is a ‘Liter’, the measure for electricity is called a ‘Kilowatt-Hour’ commonly referred to as a ‘Unit’ of Electricity. 

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Best kitchen electric chimney in India

Which is the best chimney to buy in India

The kitchen chimney is a simple electric fan mounted inside a sheet metal frame which acts as the Kitchen chimney hood. So being not a complicated piece of equipment, the chimney from all kitchen chimney India brands should work fine. Below we have a list of some top kitchen chimney brands in India and they all make good chimney for Kitchen in India. Almost all the Kitchen Chimney brand names in the below list is a clickable link to take you to the manufaturers website.

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How to buy TV guide, introduction to TV sets

Basics of TV explained

There are basically four different kinds of wide flat screen TVs available in India today. These are LCD TV, LED TV, Plasma TV and OLED TV (OLED= Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV. There are the old Cathode Ray Tube TVs, but they are almost discontinued now and so we will not discuss about these old types TVs. We will concentrate on the newest flat screen TVs below.

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