Basic things to know before buying an Air Conditioner

What to look for when buying an Air Conditioner in India?

The Air conditioner or AC is no more a luxury in India, it has become an essential item for comfortable living. Before buying an AC in India you should know some basic things about AC, how AC works and how to know the right size of AC to buy for the size of room. This page has tips to buy a good Air Conditioner.

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How to reduce home electricity bill

How electricity bill is calculated, What makes electricity bill high

Electricity bills are calculated from the reading taken monthly on your electric meter. The best way to understand what electricity is, is to think of electricity as water under pressure which can turn your fan and make the lights come on. So the electricity meter is like a water meter measuring how much quantity has been consumed. Like the measure of water is a ‘Liter’, the measure for electricity is called a ‘Kilowatt-Hour’ commonly referred to as a ‘Unit’ of Electricity. 

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What is star rating in inverter AC

How star rating is given to AC

Star rating of AC means how efficient the AC is in converting electricity to cooling air and is based on the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for cooling. The earlier BEE Star Ratings were for normal fixed speed Air Conditioners and this could not be applied to Inverter ACs which are variable speed machines. In 2015, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) started a new Star Rating standards for Inverter Air Conditioners.

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Best model inverter AC to buy in India with price

Top best inverter AC brands in India

On this page we aim to provide you with a list of the best models of inverter AC in India from the top inverter ac brands in India. We have listed here some of the cheap and best inverter AC in India for home use.  The selection contains the cheapest inverter split AC in 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton capacity from recognised leading inverter Indian AC brands. These inverter ACs are comparatively lower priced but are very good and will give many years of trouble free service.

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