How good is an electric pressure cooker in India?

Two companies are producing electric pressure cookers in India, Preethi and Usha. You can see details of these new Indian electric pressure cookers on sale in Amazon India. This page discusses how good electrical pressure cookers are and whether it worth buying one.

Best electric pressure cooker in India with price

The Preethi or Philips electric pressure cooker price in India is about Rs.5,900-. Here is the link to Preethi Electric cooker price in India on Amazon India

The Usha electric pressure cooker model EPC 3650 5L is in Stainless Steel and is priced at about Rs.4600- on Amazon India.

The Preethi electic pressure cooker can be considered a Philips electric pressure cooker because Philips own Preethi Company. At the moment the Preethi Electric pressure cooker is the best electric pressure cooker in India. Below are the details of the Preethi or Philips electric pressure cooker price in India:

Preethi or Philips Electric Pressure Cooker

Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker 5 Liter Black
Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker
5 Liters

Cooking Body Material:
Non Stick Aluminium

Electronic Touch controls with 13 programms with Indian menu, very safe to operate, Automatic temperature control, Electric 900 Watts, Keep warm function, 24 hour timer allows for cooker to start and stop at seleted times, finger print resistant stainless steel exterior, Life long free service at Preethi service centers. See demo video of the Preethi electric pressure cooker below.

Preethi or Philips electric pressure cooker price in India, Rs.5,900-?:

Check latest price on Amazon India
Video: Philips Preethi electric pressure cooker demo

Electric pressure cooker advantages and disadvantages, Why buy electric pressure cooker in India

Electric pressure cooker better because of the convenience of being able to cook with a timer when you are not in the house. The timer can also automatically off the electric pressure cooker.

An electric pressure cooker may need more time to cook than a regular pressure cooker. Since the cooking pan of the electric pressure cooker is not as strong as that of a standard steel or aluminium pressure cooker, it cannot reach the 15 psi or one Kg per square centimetre achieved in ordinary pressure cookers. This means that the cooking temperature inside an electrical pressure cooker will be lower than in a regular pressure cooker. So an electrical pressure cooker needs more time to cook.

Cooking with electricity usually is more expensive than gas cooking in India. So to prepare food in an Electrical pressure cooker is more costly.

The convenience of using an electric pressure cooker may outweigh its several disadvantages. For those who need to have a hot meal of freshly cooked rice or curries immediately on returning home from work, an electric pressure cooker is an ideal solution. You can put all the ingredients in the electrical pressure cooker before going for work and program the timer to start and stop the cooking at pre-determined times.

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