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Home appliance buying Guide in India

Thisis the HOME page of the website “” which is a home appliance buying Guide. It is all about home kitchen gadgets that make your life easier and will guide you on how to select the best home kitchen appliances in India. Tips on how to buy kitchen appliances cheap and how to save money buying kitchen appliances online are discussed in detail

Our site has the following dedicated pages in Alphabetical order.

AC: Air Conditioners

This page is all about Air Conditioners in India and guides you to which AC is best in India for home. We talk about the best selling AC in India called inverter AC and the advantages and disadvantages of inverter air conditioners. Even though inverter aircon price is costlier than normal Aircons, inverter AC power consumption is less. We explain how the extra money paid upfront for inverter AC, is recovered in a matter of a few months due to the cheaper monthly electric bills. Also explained is how inverter Aircons can cool a room faster and is…More comfortable than normal Aircons, thus allows you to have a much better sleep …More

Air Fryers: air fryer review

Airfryers are one of the latest cooking gadgets to be available in India. This page explains what an Air Fryer is, the different types of air fryers available in India, how to use and air fryer and air fryer prices in India …More

Chimmney for Kitchen

There is a need for electric chimney in Indian kitchens and the page discusses things to consider when you choose a chimney for the kitchen. The page clearly explains how you can decide on which type and size of chimney isrequired for your kitchen…More

Dishwasher machine in India

Earlier Indians never bothered about dishwashers because of the easy availability of cheap housemaids to help you. But now things have changed and dishwashers have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Our dishwasher page explains how to use dishwasher machine and shows how easy it is to use dishwashers. Reviews of top dishwasher machines in India are given. Prices and specifications of some of the best dishwashers in India are also provided …More

Fridges: Refrigerators in India

Here all what you need to know before buying a refrigerator is explained in detail. Links are provided to other pages where all the best brands of refrigerators in India are given with a short review and also some of the top models of refrigerators available in India are reviewed with prices …More

Gas Stoves in India

On our Home Gas stove page common questions about Gas stoves like ‘which gas stove is best glass top or steel?’ or ‘which gas stove is best 3 burner or 4 burner?’ or ‘which gas stove brand is best?’ or ‘which gas stove is better Prestige or Sunflame?’ are answered…More

Home Electricity Bill

On this page we explain how you can calculate how much your monthly electricity bill come up to and give tips to reduce electricity bill at home. Ways to reduce electricity bill at home also includes an easy to use home electric bill calculator …More

Induction Stove Cookers

We answer all the basic questions about Induction stoves or cookers. Qustions like ‘induction vs gas running cost?’ or ‘how many watts does an induction stove use?’ or ‘induction cooktop vs gas cost in India?’ or ‘is induction cooking cheaper than gas in India?’ and ‘electricity bill using induction cooker or stove?’ are all answered …More

Microwave Ovens

Everything about Microwave Ovens are explained on this page starting with the very basics of how microwave oven works. We then go on to explain about different types of Microwave Ovens like microwave ovens with grill or convection types and which type of microwave oven is best for home use in India. . We also discuss about the question ‘is microwave oven safe?’ or ‘do microwave ovens cause cancer?” and about any possible radiation from microwave ovens and conclude that Microwave Ovens are very safe. Finally we have a selection of the best Microwave Ovens for home use in India with prices …More

Mixer Grinder Mixies

This page is about how to choose a mixer grinder and tells you things like ‘what is the importance of watts in mixer grinder’ or the performance of a 500w vs 750w mixer grinder …More

Mobile Phones

This page about mobile phones is just a simple brief introduction to all the features of a mobile phone which you should understand before you make the final decision of choosing a mobile phone …More

Pressure Cookers

This page is about pressure cookers and it guides about the different types of pressure cookers and goes into the basics of pressure cooking. Links are provided to our pages on Electric Pressure Cookers and Microwave Pressure cookers …More

Safety at Home

This page divulges on the subject of safety at home. Some of the dangers which can happen at home includes fires, slip falls, electrocution, health damage by not having proper ventilation in kitchen, etc. How all this can be prevented is the subject of discussion on this page…More

TV: Best TV channels

Here we discuss briefly about the different TV channel services available in India, be it Satellite TV or TV channels through the internet. This page will help you to choose the best TV channel service for you …More

TV: Guide to buy TV

This page is about TVs and the basic features of TVs which you should understand before buying a TV. After going through this page you will have a good idea of TV specifications and will help you to choose the right TV to buy …More

Washing Machines

This page explains what you should look for before buying a washing machine. It explains the difference and advantages and disadvantages of top loading Vs Front loading washing machines and many other important things to about washing machines …More

Water Purifiers Filters

This page explains the importance of having a drinking water purifier at home. All types of available water purifiers in India are shown on the page and it will guide you to choosing the best water purifier for your house …More

Advantage of Online buying of Home Appliances

Whatever Home Appliance you plan to buy, it is best to first do an online research about all available types and models on the leading online retailers in India, namely Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. The advantage of first doing an online research about products you plan to buy is that you get to see all the available models of the product and you get to compare prices online. After this you can go around to the showrooms and do window shopping.

You should then decide to buy from the cheapest and most reliable source. When buying online, you can be sure that you will not get fake products and you are assured of after sales service. This is because the giant on-line retailers arrange for delivery to your house directly through the manufacturers of the product. Due to the high volume of business from the big online retailers, all manufacturers will make sure that any delivery on behalf of the big online retailers are of the best quality and that after sales service is provided on a priority basis.

If ever you have any problems, then you can go back to these online retailers and complain. All of these big online sellers have a reputation to keep and they always make sure that all complaints are promptly solved.

Advantage of buying AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, etc. online

Buying online fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and other major kitchen appliances is now the better option in India, just like it is in the USA and other advanced countries. There are several advantages of buying online. First of all, you get unbeatable bargain prices. Secondly, you get new and genuine products. Other benefits include no interest EMI payments, able to return the product for a full refund if not satisfied, etc.

Just to give you an example, below are some of the benefits Amazon India, the leading global online retailer, offered in India during their last sale. The same deals are not always available, but it is a good idea to check this link to the special offers page on India website.

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